Beginner Lessons

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Could you do me a favour?

In this lesson, our goal is to find out how to ask someone to do a favour for us. We'll meet the expression "rendre un service à quelqu'un". We'll also re-visit the expression "il y a" but in the immediate future form. Finally, we'll study how to deal with the english verb "to get".

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 26

Is this a vegetarian dish?

You're in a restaurant, looking forward to your meal. That menu, however, is a little confusing: what about all those ingredients? And the names of all those dishes! How can we make sense of it?… We'll need to know how to ask about ingredients. Let's find out.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 25

Excuse me... Is this seat taken?

It's a situation we regularly find ourselves in. We're in a bar or an auditorium looking for a seat. But, is the one we have our eye on actually free? How should we ask? Let's find out in this short - but practical - lesson.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 24

Sorry, I can't make it tonight...

In this lesson, we'll discover how to postpone an appointment we've made. We'll study the expression "je ne vais pas pouvoir [+ infinitive]" and we'll examine the verb "décevoir", to disappoint (someone).

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 23

I need something for these mosquito bites!

A trip abroad can often lead to some unexpected physical condition – an upset stomach, itching from insect bites, blistered feet, and more. That, in turn, can lead us to the local pharmacy. But, what do we say when we get there? Let’s find out in this lesson.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 20

My cell phone isn't working. I'd like to have it repaired, please...

In this lesson we’re going to see what we’ll need to say if we take something to a shop to have it repaired. First we’ll need to describe the problem. We'll also find out how long it will take to resolve our problem.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 19

A return ticket to Toulouse, please...

In this lesson, let's find out how to buy a train ticket. The vocabulary we'll meet will be just as useful when purchasing inter-city bus tickets, plane tickets, and so on. Let's see, also, how to say we'd prefer a window or aisle seat, or travel in the smoking or non-smoking section. Allons-y!

Price: 0 credit(s)
Lesson #: 18

She's not here right now - would you like to leave a message?

You make a phone call but the person you're looking for isn't there. Should you leave a message? Or maybe that's not necessary. Let's see, in this lesson, how the conversation might unravel.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 17

Is it ok if I take your photo?

People are often very accommodating when we wish to take a photo with them in it. But it's usually advisable to ask first. Let's see how to do that in this lesson. We'll also see how to have them take our picture, using our camera.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 16

May I have one of those, please?

If you've been in France or another French-speaking country, chances are that you've found yourself asking for something in a shop, in French. It sounds so simple, but how, in fact, do we say "I'll have that one... no, sorry... the one on the right..."? In this lesson, let's learn some of those essential phrases.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 15