lesson level

Our lessons are graded, from Beginner to Advanced. If this is your first time studying French, start with Beginner lessons.

These French lessons: are they for me?...

Yes, if you…

  • are a beginner
  • have previously studied French, and want to brush up
  • are going to visit France soon
  • already live in France and need to improve
  • are looking for a new challenge!

What if I am a total beginner?...

That's not a problem. Many of our listeners were absolute beginners when they started studying French with LFBP. All you need to study with LFBP is:

  • motivation
  • consistency

How should I study?…

Work through our lessons methodically and regularly but don't try to learn too much in a session.

  1. work on a lesson
  2. study the key vocabulary
  3. do the test at the end of the lesson
  4. come back after a day or two: do you still remember the vocabulary?
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Regarding the audio files and PDF Lesson Guides, are the Guides important?

Very! The PDF Guides will help consolidate everything you hear in the audio. Download this sample Guide and see for yourself the level of detail in every lesson. (To download PDF Lesson Guides for all the lessons you want to work on, you'll need to purchase Download Credits.)