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"... et Lance Armstrong a déjoué les tests"

"... Lance Armstrong eluded/evaded the tests"

The world of cycling is trying to come to terms with the damning report which found Lance Armstrong guilty of leading a sophisticated doping conspiracy over many years.

The title of our blog post this time comes from a headline in L'Équipe which describes how Armstrong eluded or evaded doping tests. The key verb is déjouer, conjugated like jouer. Depending on the context, déjouer can mean to thwart, to frustrate, to outsmart, to elude, to evade, etc. Consider the following examples:

  • Les soldats ont déjoué les pièges de l'ennemi.
    =The soldiers evaded/escaped the traps set by the enemy.
  • Le marché européen a déjoué toutes ces prévisions pessimistes avec une croissance de 1,2%.
    = The European markets foiled all these pessimistic projections with growth of 1.2%.
  • En Europe, seule l'Allemagne semble déjouer la crise économique.
    = In Europe, only Germany seems to be evading the economic crisis.
  • Les évadés ont déjoué la surveillance des gardiens de la prison.
    = The escapees foiled the prison wardens' surveillance.

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