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“Le groupe Nestlé serait également touché par le scandale alimentaire de la viande chevaline.”

“The Nestlé Group is now also affected by the horse-meat food scandal.”

In English, we simply say 'The Nestlé Group is also affected by…'. So, why the use of the conditional in the expression 'Nestlé serait touché' in today's headline, above, from france24.fr?… Why do we not simply say 'Nestlé est touché…?'

Well, it is often the case that the conditional is used in French where the circumstances of an event have not yet been clarified or are not yet well established. In other words, there is still some doubt about the facts.


Note also the use of the adjective chevalin which equates to equine in English.

  • la race chevaline
  • les boucheries chevalines
  • les bouchers chevalins


Finally, note that the expression la viande de cheval is also commonly used – perhaps even more so – than la viande chevaline.

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