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“Coffret prêt-à-surfer”

Mobile internet, without contract, for your trip to France

At this time of year, many people are planning their trips to France. Increasingly, travellers depend on an internet connection while abroad. Tourists can always go to the nearest McDonald's to find une connexion wifi. But what if you want your own internet, everywhere you go?…

'Le Domino 3G Wifi', from Orange.fr

One solution is the Coffret prêt-à-surfer, offered by orange.fr. The important thing about this mobile internet solution is that it is sans abonnement, sans engagement, that is, it comes 'without subscription and without commitment'. In other words, there is no contract: you can walk into an Orange store (with some form of ID), make your purchase and be connected to the internet immediately.


Cost: €44.90 (approx. US$58.00 at today's exchange rate) for a 1-month connection, limited to 0.5 Gb. (More info here.)
Top-up: if you exceed your data limit, it is possible to top up in an Orange store (ask for une recharge Let's Go). Topping-up is also possible via orange.fr. (More info here.)

(We don't receive any sponsorship from Orange for providing the information above. However, it is a service we have found useful ourselves.)

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