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"N'est-ce pas ce que tu aimes tant chez moi?!"

"Isn't that what you like most about me?!"

One of our listeners was revising one of our earliers lessons (no. 77) and wondered about the meaning of the question above which arose in the dialogue between Xavier and Amélie.

Amélie responds bluntly to a question from Xavier. When Xavier is surprised at her blunt response, Amélie asks: 'Isn't that what you like most about me?' (That is, the fact that she is a straight talker).

Chez moi generally means at my place, at my home, etc. In this context, however, chez moi means 'about me', that is, about me as a person.

Tant means 'so', 'so much', 'so many', etc:

  • J'ai tant de choses à faire aujourd'hui.
    = I have so many things to do today.
  • Il y a tant de choses à voir là-bas.
    = There are so many things to see there.

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