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“Tu y vas tous les combien?

How often do you go there?

A listener asked about the expression above, from one of our recent lessons.

It is a familiar way of saying “How often…?” Let's consider some examples:

  • Je sais que tu es un fan de théâtre. Tu y vas tous les combien?
    = I know you're a fan of the theatre. How often do you go (there)?
  • Chaque fois que je me rends à Lyon je te rencontre. Tu y viens tous les combien?
    = Every time I come to Lyon, I meet you. How often do you come here?
  • Ce médicament a des effets indésirables. Tu en prends tous les combien?
    = This medicine has undesirable (side) effects. How often do you take it?


In written French, we will use expressions like:

  • How often do I have to tell you?
    = Combien de fois je dois te le répéter?
  • Does she email you often?
    = Est-ce qu'elle t'envoie souvent des courriels?

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