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“Ça fait trois semaines qu‘on en parle…”

“We‘ve been talking about it for three weeks…”

Today, a listener asked about the function of the word ‘en’ in the context below, from LFBP Lesson 23.

Ah non, tu peux pas me faire ça ! Ça fait trois semaines qu‘on en parle… de cette soirée ! Là, tu me déçois beaucoup !Ah no, you can‘t do that to me! We‘ve been talking about it for three weeks… this evening out! Now you‘re really disappointing me!

In this context, the word en (a complément d'objet indirect) refers to – and replaces – the evening out that Amélie and Xavier have been talking about. This use of en is very common in French. Consider also:

  • Je t‘en reparlerai ce soir quand je serai rentré.I will talk to you about it this evening when I'm home.
  • Ma soeur m‘en a déjà donné un.My sister already gave me one of them.

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