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“Nelson Mandela: comment se fait-il que l'on parle autant de lui?”

“Nelson Mandela: how is it that people speak so much of him?”

If ever the term 'great statesman' were relevant, it could surely be attributed to Nelson Mandela. In our conversation this time, Bertrand puts some questions to Béatrix to discover why, exactly, Mandela became such an icon.

We’ll work with a range of new expressions, including:

  • autant de
  • supporter mal de
  • être évincé (de)
  • pousser (quelqu'un) à
  • se débarrasser de
  • rendre visite à (quelqu'un)
  • franchir
  • mûrir
  • se faire [+ infinitif]
  • plus [adjectif] que
  • faire des ravages
  • parachever

To see what these expressions mean, and how they work, let's listen.

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