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Il me reste une chambre en suite…”

“I have one en-suite room left…”

A listener asked about the expression above, from Lesson 48, “I’d like to book a room, please…”

Our listener’s message was as follows:

Lesson 48: ‘Il me reste 3 chambres … and… ‘Il leur reste…” How would one say, “He has three rooms?” Super course!

And now for the answer…

Il reste…” is one of a number of tournures impersonnelles (impersonal expressions) in French. Il reste… equates roughly to ‘There remains…’. (The pronoun ‘il’ here doesn’t mean the usual ‘he’ or ‘it’.)

To say ‘He has three rooms…’, we change the pattern slightly:

  • Il lui reste trois chambres.[= He/She has three rooms left.]
  • Il leur reste une chambre.[= They have one room left.]

Consider also:

  • Il ne nous reste que six semaines.[= We have only six weeks left.]
  • Il ne te reste qu'à cliquer sur 'imprimer'.[= You only have to click 'Print'.]
  • Il me reste tellement de choses à faire.[= I have many things to do.]

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