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“David Moyes viré !”

Today's headline from L'Équipe tells the whole story…

Anyone interested in football will easily figure out the meaning of the headline above.

It contains the past participle (viré) of the verb virer which – as you have already guessed – means fired in this context.

In fact, the verb virer has several meanings, including to turn (a boat, plane, etc), to transfer (money into an account) or to kick out, to expel, to fire, etc, in the context of work, employment, etc.

A more complicated variant of virer is the expression se faire virer which means to get thrown out, to get fired, etc.

Consider the following:

  • Ta chemise a viré au rose.= Your shirt has turned pink [in the wash].
  • Ils m'ont viré l'argent aujourd'hui même.= They transferred the money to me just today.
  • On s'est disputés et il m'a viré.= We had an argument and he fired me.
  • As-tu appris ce qui est arrivé à Paul. Il s'est fait virer hier.= Did you hear what happened to Paul? He got fired yesterday.
  • Moyes s'est fait virer.= Moyes got fired./Moyes got chucked out./Moyes got kicked out.

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