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"Faire du ski?... Allons-y, en piste!" (part I)

"Skiing?... Let's go... onto the slopes!"

One of our listeners asked for a lesson that would include skiing-related vocabulary. In this two-part intermediate lesson, Bertrand plays the role of an experienced skiier while I'm a beginner. I'll soon be joining my friend, Damien for a week in the Alps.

Our lesson is quite a long one this time and contains a whole range of interesting vocabulary. To discover how to use expressions such as the following, let's get started!

  • être pris au dépourvu (to be caught unawares)
  • paire de skis (pair of skis)
  • remonte-pente (ski-lift)
  • ramasser une gamelle (to come a cropper)
  • faire tout schuss (to go straight down [a slope])
  • faire le chasse-neige (to make a "snow plough")
  • la carre (d’un ski) (the edge)
  • freiner (to brake)
  • la poudreuse (powdery snow)
  • traffoler (to agitate/break up [snow])
  • neige damée (to compact/to tamp [snow])
  • hors piste (off-piste [skiing])

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