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"Faire du ski?... Allons-y, en piste!" (part II)

"Skiing?... Let's go... onto the slopes!" (part II)

This second part of two-part intermediate lesson focuses on other skiing activities including 'snowboarding' and, of course, the very important social aspect of a skiing trip. Let's listen.

There are more key expressions to learn… let's get started!

  • ski alpin (downhill skiing)
  • ski nordique (Nordic skiing)
  • surf des neiges (snowboarding)
  • planche de snowboard (snowboard)
  • conseiller (to advise)
  • forfait (flat fee, package, bundle)
  • dont (including)
  • rejoindre (to reach)
  • se concentrer sur (to concentrate on)
  • se casser [une partie du corps] (to break [part of one's body])
  • techniques de glisse (winter sports techniques)
  • carambolage (pile-up)
  • déjanter (to go off the rails)
  • huppé (posh)
  • fréquenter (to frequent, to go to)
  • habitué ((a) regular)
  • se défouler (to unwind)
  • se restaurer (to eat)

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