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"Les attentats de Paris soulèvent une foule de questions..."

"The attacks in Paris raise many questions..."

The attacks on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters raise many questions. How far does freedom of speech go? Can we simply say whatever we like, whenever we wish? Let's hear a conversation, to start...

Let's put some key vocabulary in context in this lesson, including:

  • soulever (to raise)
  • n’importe quoi (anything)
  • faire observer que (to point out that)
  • avoir recours à (to resort to)
  • se sentir offensé (to feel offended)
  • s’en prendre à (to attack)
  • favoriser (to foster)
  • désoeuvrement (m) (idleness)
  • échec (m) (failure)
  • marginaliser (to marginalise)
  • se radicaliser (to become radical)
  • se recueillir (to collect oneself)

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