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"J'ai vu an excellent film il y a quelques jours…"

"I saw an excellent film a few days ago…"

"Still Alice", the story of a university professor afflicted with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, won an Oscar for Julianne Moore in the starring role. This film is the focus of our attention in this Advanced lesson, entirely in French. If you've been making progress with our Intermediate lessons, this lesson is for you.

Let's put some key vocabulary in context in this lesson, including:

  • la maladie d’Alzheimer précoce (early onset Alzheimer's disease)
  • trous de mémoire (memory lapses)
  • échapper à (to escape from)
  • ne plus reconnaître qqc (to no longer recognise)
  • adjectifs / expressions pour décrire un film
  • ses proches (one's close relatives)
  • vivre [une expérience / une histoire] (to experience / to live through (an experience / a story))

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