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"Les migrants en Méditerranée, y a-t-il une solution?"

"The migrants in the Mediterranean, is there a solution?"

Our lesson this time focuses on the plight of migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean, often with disastrous consequences.

In the last 15 years, it is estimated that more than 23,000 people have lost their lives at sea, attempting to flee conflict and poverty in Africa. In this Advanced lesson, tout en français, we will make use of a range of expressions, including:

  • migrant (m) (migrant)
  • rejoindre l’Europe (to reach Europe)
  • images bouleversantes (upsetting images)
  • être disposé à (to be willing to)
  • prendre en main son destin (to take one’s destiny in one’s hands)
  • sauveteur (m) (rescuer)
  • échapper à la noyade (to escape (from) drowning)
  • rafiot (m) (old boat)
  • chavirer (to capsize)
  • traverser (to cross)
  • crise (f) humanitaire (humanitarian crisis)
  • système de quotas (quota system)
  • trafiquant (m) (trafficker)

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