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“Sur le chemin de l’école”, un documentaire émouvant

“On the path to school”, a moving documentary

What exactly does the word ‘education’ mean to you?

Sur le chemin de l’école is a provocative and inspiring documentary from Pascal Plisson. It depicts vividly the insatiable thirst for learning of children in some of the world’s most remote corners. Let’s listen to a dialogue.

To discover how to use expressions such as the following, let's get started!

  • suivre (to follow)
  • se rendre à / en (to go to)
  • un trajet / un parcours (a trip, a path)
  • permettre à [qqn] de (to allow (someone) to)
  • l’Occident (the West)
  • le désir d’apprendre (the desire to learn)
  • tenir à [+ verbe] (to want to […])
  • errer (to wander, to stray)
  • des hordes d’[animaux] (hordes)
  • raide (steep)
  • escarpé (craggy)
  • couvrir (to cover)
  • réaliser [un but, un rêve] (to attain an objective, to realise a goal)

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