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“Que penses-tu d'AirBnB? Est-ce sérieux?”

“What do you think of AirBnB? Is it [a] serious [service]?”

AirBnB has rocked the hospitality industry. For holiday-makers it has proved a boon but hoteliers are up in arms.

On the other hand, hoteliers are up in arms, citing 'wild-west' practices and a lack of regulation, not to mention depleted rental accommodation, as property owners turn to this new rental model instead of committing to longer-term tenants.

We discuss the service provided by AirBnB in this lesson. Let’s see how to use the following elements of vocabulary, and more:

  • particulier (m) (individual)
  • tuyau (m) (a tip)
  • procurer (to provide)
  • avoir recours à (to resort to)
  • dégressif (diminishing)
  • à bon marché (cheaply)
  • numériser (to scan)
  • les modalités de paiement (the methods of payment)
  • une saine émulation (healthy competition)
  • foisonner (to abound)
  • être vent debout (to be up in arms)
  • baisser ses prix (to lower their prices)
  • se partager qqc (to share (s.t.))

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