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Mohammed Ali: une personnalité exceptionnelle

Mohammed Ali: a remarkable personality

He was the world’s most famous boxer. But, to many, he represented much more than a particular sport.

In this lesson, let’s talk about Mohammed Ali. We’ll make use of the following elements of vocabulary, and more. C’est parti!

  • poids (weight)
  • gamin (kid)
  • venir à l’esprit (to come to mind)
  • s’interroger sur (to ask oneself about)
  • sensibilisation (awareness)
  • ne … guère (hardly, scarcely)
  • (être) bel homme ((to be) handsome)
  • conduire qqn à (to lead s.o. to)
  • ne pas reculer devant (to not shy away from)
  • être confronté à (to be confronted with)

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