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La Loi travail: une réforme controversée

The employment law: a controversial reform

This time, our lesson centres on the social tensions in France, arising from the proposed introduction of new employment laws.

The main protagonists are, on the one hand, the CGT – a very powerful union – and, on the other, the government which insists that there is no alternative to the new measures it is proposing.

In this lesson for Advanced learners, we will make use of a variety of expressions, including:

  • syndicat (m) (union)
  • licencier (to lay off)
  • embaucher (to take on, to recruit)
  • faire reculer qqc (to bring down, to reduce)
  • névralgique (key, vital)
  • bras (m) de fer (showdown)
  • sondage (m) trompeur (deceptive survey)
  • céder (to give in)
  • sauver la face (to save face)
  • chantage (m) (blackmail)
  • ‘la lutte des classes’ (class struggle)
  • monnaie (f) d’échange (bargaining chip)

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