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“T’as l’air stressé aujourd’hui… On dirait que tu as les boules!…”

“You look stressed today… It seems you’re very angry!”

A listener asked said he had recently been in France and had heard a few slang words used frequently. In this lesson, our dialogue makes use of a variety of slang words, some of which are very common.

In our conversation, we will be talking about a lazy colleague who is making Bertrand angry!… Let’s see how to use the following expressions, and more:

  • avoir les boules (to be p*issed (off))
  • clocher (to not be going well, to be going badly)
  • bosser (to work)
  • balaise (big, difficult)
  • torcher (to churn out)
  • s’en foutre (comme de sa première chemise) (to really not give a damn about)
  • avoir un poil dans la main (to be (bone) idle, to be very lazy)
  • tire-au-flanc (m) (an idler, a slacker)
  • jacter (to chat)
  • en avoir marre (de) (to be fed up (of))
  • moucher (to reprimand severely)
  • se coltiner (qqc / qqn) (to be lumbered with (s.t./s.b.))

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