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Les centres d’appel: ‘les ateliers de misère du 21e siècle’?

Call centres: ‘the sweatshops of the 21st century’?

The title of this Advanced lesson may be controversial. After all, it is a fact that tens of thousands of people – some of whom have been lifted out of abject poverty – work in call centres around the world.

However, questions one might ask are: what kind of work do call centre workers actually do? What kind of career prospects can workers realistically expect from such work? Béatrix talks of her friend’s experience in one such call centre. Let’s listen.

In our conversation, let’s see how to use the following expressions, and more:

  • centre (m) d’appel (call centre)
  • proliférer (to proliferate)
  • à quoi ressemble […] ? (What is […] like?)
  • atelier (m) de misère (sweatshop)
  • pause (f) pipi (toilet break)
  • épouvantable (dreadful, shocking)
  • faire un temps [radieux] (to be beautiful [weather])
  • être délirant (to be crazy)
  • plafonner (to plateau/to peak)
  • être expérimenté (to be experienced)
  • être doté de (to be gifted with)
  • titulaire de diplôme (holder of a degree, graduate)
  • enseignement (m) supérieur (third-level education)
  • déplorer de (to deplore)
  • Perpète-les-Oies (remote, unspecified location, ‘Timbuktu’)
  • Pétaouchnok (remote, unspecified location, ‘Timbuktu’)
  • devenir la norme (to become the norm)

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