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La Norvège : ‘un pays de cocagne’

Norway: ‘a land of plenty’

This lesson is inspired by our having heard about Norway in Michael Moore’s latest satirical documentary. Now, no country is perfect but Norway certainly seems to have a lot going for it. Let’s start with a conversation.

Our lesson contains a whole range of interesting vocabulary. To discover how to use expressions such as the following, let's get started!

  • se souvenir de = (to remember)
  • davantage = (more)
  • entendre parler de = (to hear about)
  • postulat (m) = (premise)
  • pays (m) de cocagne = (land of plenty)
  • paysage (m) = (scenery)
  • partie (f) occidentale = (western part)
  • côte (f) découpée = (rugged coast)
  • fiord (m) = (fjord)
  • île (f) = (island)
  • déborder = (to spill over)
  • cercle (m) arctique = (arctic circle)
  • laisser pantois qqn = (to leave s.b. flabbergasted)
  • se tromper de qqc = (to get s.t. wrong)

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