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Les récifs coralliens menacés de disparition

The coral reefs threatened with extinction

The coral reefs of the world’s oceans are in mortal danger but, as is often the case with environmental concerns, few people seem to appreciate that the dangers are imminent.

That is the focus of our lesson this time. We will be making use of a range of expressions, including:

  • récif (m) corallien (coral reef)
  • au large de (off [the coast of])
  • il se peut que [+ subj.] (it may happen that)
  • des étendues de (stretches of, expanses of)
  • des algues colorées (coloured algae)
  • dépendre de (to depend on)
  • mourir (to die)
  • occasionner des dégâts (to cause damage)
  • blanchissement (m) (whitening)
  • perdre sa couleur (to lose its colour)
  • agresser (to attack)
  • détruire (to destroy)
  • perdre qqc à jamais (to lose [s.t.] forever)
  • phénomène (m) météorologique (meteorological phenomenon)
  • craindre que [+ subj.] (to fear that)
  • développement (m) côtier (coastal development)
  • se produire (to occur, to happen)
  • précédemment (previously)

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