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‘Un diplôme universitaire, cela en vaut-il la peine ?’

“Is a university degree worth it?”

In some countries, particularly the U.S., a university education has become so expensive that some wonder if it is even worth going to college at all, any more. Let’s start with a conversation.

We will see how to use the following words and expressions, and more. C'est parti!

  • traiter de = (to deal with, to relate to)
  • s’interroger sur = (to wonder about)
  • voie (f) = (way, path, road, route)
  • emprunter = (to take, to borrow)
  • avoir des retards sur = (to be behind with)
  • enseignement (m) supérieur = (third-level study)
  • venir à l’esprit = (to come to mind)
  • plus … plus … = (the more … the more …)
  • colocation (f) = (flat-sharing)
  • diplôme (m) = (degree)
  • diplômé (m) = (graduate)
  • endettement (m) des étudiants = (student debt)
  • frais (m pl) d’hébergement = (accommodation expenses)
  • effacer / rembourser une dette = (to wipe out/repay a debt)
  • cours (m) = (course)
  • cela va de soi = (It goes without saying)
  • foncer = (to go ahead, to go for it)

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