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Le retrait des États-Unis de l’Accord de Paris sur le changement climatique

The withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Accord on climate change

The withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Accord on climate change caused consternation worldwide, not least as almost all countries had signed up to its terms.

Let’s talk about this decision by the U.S. administration. Our lesson contains a whole range of interesting vocabulary. To discover how to use expressions such as the following, and more, let’s get started!

  • accord (m) [sur] (agreement [on])
  • retrait (m) (withdrawal)
  • changement (m) climatique (climate change)
  • mépris (m) (scorn, disdain)
  • s’accorder sur le fait que (to agree on the fact that)
  • être exacerbé par (to be exacerbated by)
  • canular (m) (hoax)
  • faire preuve de (to show, to manifest)
  • les propos (the words, the utterances)
  • être assorti de (to be matched by)
  • ère (f) préindustrielle (the preindustrial era)
  • engagement (m) (commitment)
  • adhésion (f) [d’un pays à] (the joining [of a country to])
  • relever un défi (to take up a challenge)
  • rendre sa grandeur à (to make [s.t.] great again)
  • se retirer de (to withdraw from)
  • faire semblant de [+ infin.] (to pretend to)
  • abîmer (to spoil)
  • réchauffement (m) (warming)

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Comment(s)/question from johnhenry on Aug, 01 at 17:12

Excellent as always. Could you please explain the grammar around the expression: "Que t'inspire le retrait des Etas-Unis de l'accord....?" I note your translation as "what do you think of..." Many thanks

Comment(s)/question from hughnagle on Aug, 03 at 13:59

Hi John.

The pattern "Que t'inspire [ABC]?" literally means "What does [ABC] inspire in you?" We can use the verb "inspirer" in different ways, e.g.:

  • Je m'inspire de son travail. = I am inspired by/take inspiration from his work.
  • Il ne m'inspire pas confiance. = It doesn't inspire confidence in me.
  • Le beau temps m'inspire à écrire. = The fine weather inspires me to write.
  • Que vous inspire ce qu'il a dit à l'instant? = What do you [all] think of what he said just now?

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