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Le phénomène Macron ... en marche !

The Macron phenomenon ... up and running!

This Advanced lesson focuses on the stunning rise to the French presidency of the youthful Emmanuel Macron at just 39 years of age.

How, exactly, did he manage to pull off such a victory? Let’s discuss.

Our lesson contains a whole range of interesting vocabulary. Let’s discover how to use expressions such as the following, and more. C’est parti !

  • l’emporter haut la main = (to win easily, to win hands down)
  • avoir les coudées franches pour [faire qqc] = (to have free reign to)
  • être une bouffée d’oxygène = (to be a breath of oxygen)
  • dégager [qqn] = (to ged rid of, to release)
  • écarter [qqc / qqn] = (to get rid of, to move away from)
  • Il faut le faire ! = (It take some doing!)
  • être en lambeaux = (to be in shreds/tatters)
  • quinquennat (m) = (5-year mandate)
  • vieux briscard (m) = (old hand, veteran)
  • être le chantre de [qqc] = (to be the beacon of)
  • le match est plié = (the victory/match is sealed)
  • godillot (m) = (yes-man, party-liner)
  • l’ENA = (the École nationale d’administration)
  • tresser des louanges à [qqn] = (to praise s.o. to the skies)
  • (se) réduire comme une peau de chagrin = (to diminish significantly)
  • être hétéroclite = (to be varied/motley/heterogeneous)
  • néophyte (m) = (novice, neophyte)
  • fronde (f) = (rebellion/revolt)
  • remporter un pari = (to win a bet)

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