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France: la réforme de l’accès à l’université

France: university entrance reform

Traditionally, French high school graduates have been guaranteed public university places, regardless of the grades achieved in their baccalauréat.

This, however, has resulted in very high drop-out rates. It is hoped that, from 2018, proposed reforms will result in a more efficient means of access to university. Let’s talk about all this…

Our lesson is quite a long one this time and contains a whole range of interesting vocabulary. To discover how to use expressions such as the following, let's get started!

  • bachelier (m) = person who has passed the baccalauréat
  • tirage (m) au sort = random draw
  • candidat (m) retenu = successful candidate
  • candidat (m) recalé = unsuccessful candidate
  • au fil de(s ans) = over the years
  • taux (m) d’échec = failure rate
  • licence (f) = degree
  • dossier (m) de lycéen = student file
  • redouter que = to fear that
  • être vent debout contre = to be strongly opposed to
  • appeler un chat un chat = to call a spade a spade
  • c’est là que le bât blesse = that’s the crux of the matter
  • plateforme (f) APB = APB platform
  • redorer l’image de = to restore the image of
  • formation (f) = training
  • conseil (m) de classe = class Council
  • remise (f) à niveau = refresher course
  • liste (f) d’attente = waiting list
  • usine (f) à gaz = white elephant
  • prérequis (m) = prerequisite
  • sésame (m) = door-opener, sesame

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