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La présidence Trump approche des élections de mi-mandat

The Trump presidency is approaching mid-term elections

The Trump presidency is nearing the mid-term elections in November. Mr Trump – arguably more than any other American president – has polarised opinions.

Let’s talk about the first half of his mandate and what has being going on in recent weeks.

We will be making use of the following expressions, and more. Let’s get started!

  • remplir sa fonction (to do one’s job)
  • ne pas savoir par quoi commencer (to not know what to start with)
  • s’aliéner (to alienate)
  • orchestrer (to orchestrate)
  • Comme si cela ne suffisait pas, … (As if that weren’t enough)
  • des tarifs douaniers ((customs) tariffs)
  • atteindre un objectif (to reach a goal)
  • ses partisans (his supporters)
  • prendre des initiatives (to take initiatives)
  • dépasser (to exceed)
  • Comment diable …? (How the devil…?)
  • défendre l’indéfendable (to defend the indefensible)
  • alimenter (to feed)
  • railler (to scoff at)
  • qualifier [qqc / qqn] de (to describe [st./so.] as)
  • réélire (to re-elect)
  • mettre [qqc / qqn] en avant (to highlight)
  • un tournant (a turning point)
  • des fausses nouvelles (fake news)

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