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Le Président Macron réinstaurera le Service national

President Macron is going to reintroduce National Service

The topic of our conversation this time focuses on President Macron's plan to reintroduce national service in France. Some people are wondering if he is the right man to decide on such matters, given that he himself is the first French president not to have done military service.

Our lesson this time contains a whole range of interesting vocabulary. To discover how to use expressions such as the following, let's get started!

  • promouvoir (= to promote)
  • un brassage (= an intermingling)
  • procurer [qqc à qqn] (= to provide, to get)
  • Côté [quoi que ce soit] (= As regards [whatever])
  • dès (= from [à point in time forward])
  • pour que [+ subjonctif] (= so that)
  • renoncer à (= to give up on)
  • promesse (f) de campagne (= campaign promise)
  • devoir (m) civique (= civic duty)
  • vanter (= to extol, to boast about)
  • C'est de la foutaise! (= It's a load of nonsense!)
  • C'est du pipeau! (= It's baloney!)
  • supprimer [qqc] (= to do away with, to eliminate)
  • époque (f) (= time, period)
  • à tout bout de champ (= at every turn)
  • armée (f) de métier (= standing army)
  • craindre que [+ subjonctif] (= to fear that)

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