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Je viens chercher mon fils!

I’ve come to pick up my son!

One of our listeners was taking up a position as a teacher in a pre-school in France and asked if we would put together some expressions and vocabulary that might be used in a dialogue between the teacher and a parent.

Let’s consider one such conversation…

  • je vous prie de ≈ (Please, …)
  • être en retard = (to be late)
  • circuler = (to drive, to circulate)
  • se passer = (to go (well, badly, etc))
  • se faire des amis = (to make friends)
  • se rendre (à) = (to go (to))
  • s’entendre bien / mal = (to get on well/badly)
  • être heureux que [+ subj.] = (to be happy that)
  • mettre [qqc] en pratique = (to put [something] into practice)

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