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Les décroissants – c’est qui ?

The décroissants – who are they?

Our conversation this time focuses on people who are referred to as ‘les décroissants’. But who exactly are ‘les décroissants’?

To discover how to use expressions such as the following, let’s get started!

  • entendre parler de = (to hear about)
  • [[xxx] ne me / te / nous / vous / lui / leur] dit rien = ([xxx] means nothing to me, you, etc./[xxx] doesn’tspaning a bell to me, you, etc)
  • tourner le dos à qqc = (to turn one’s back on s.t.)
  • débridé = (unbridled, runaway)
  • se débrouiller = (to get by)
  • le système D = [a frugal way of living, with an emphasis on being, rather than having]
  • chiche / chichement = (frugal/frugally)
  • fréquenter = (to frequent, to hang around with)
  • prétendre = (to claim)
  • bon teint = (dyed-in-the-wool)
  • laisser libre cours à = (to give free reign to)

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