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La crise des opioïdes

The opioids crisis

The subject of this – our 200th lesson! – is the opioid crisis in the U.S. which has reached quite shocking proportions.

But how did it come to this? Let’s start with a conversation. We’ll be making use of the following expressions, and more…

  • la crise des opioïdes = (the opioids crisis)
  • devenir dépendant de = (to become addicted to)
  • être prédisposé à = (to be predisposed to)
  • consulter son médecin généraliste = (to consult one’s general practitioner)
  • avoir des douleurs au dos = (to have back pain)
  • prescrire un médicament = (to prescribe medication)
  • être décédé d’une surdose = (to die from an overdose)
  • des similitudes entre [A] et [B] = (similarities between [A] and [B])
  • être inoffensif = (to be harmless)
  • les anti-douleurs = (painkillers)
  • abuser d’[une substance] = (to abuse [a substance])
  • être réglementé = (to be regulated)
  • bénéficier d’une assurance santé privée = (to have private health insurance)
  • se soigner = (to care for oneself)
  • masquer les problèmes = (to mask the problems)
  • réaliser des bénéfices = (to make profits)

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