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"Chafni et Perruaux se rabibochent"

From this morning's Nouvel Observateur

In relation to an incident of alleged racism between a football player from Auxerre, Kamel Chafni, and line judge Johann Perruaux, the pair were keen to say the matter was now closed.

It gave rise to an interesting headline in Le Nouvel Observateur. The key expression se rabibocher which means 'to patch things up', 'to make up', etc.

Expressions similar in meaning are: se remettre (avec quelqu'un) and se réconcilier (avec quelqu'un).

  • Laurent et Tania se rabibochent. [= Laurent and Tania are patching things up/are making up.]
  • Le PS et les écolos se rabibochent. [= The Socialist Party and the environmentalists are patching things up/are making up.]
  • Les ouistes et nonistes se rabibochent. [= The yes and no camps are making up.]

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