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Lesson 58, minor update

la leur - 'their'

In LFBP lesson 58, page 3, in the possessive pronouns grid, the last item in the middle column should be la leur, not les leurs. La leur refers to their [whatever], when referring to a feminine singular noun. For example, we might say:

  • Les profs, ils ont critiqué notre écriture mais, as-tu vu la leur? [= The teachers criticised our writing but have you seen theirs? (That is, 'their [writing]'.)]

Comment(s)/question from mhbrown on Jan, 24 at 15:00

... and the two above should be la notre and la votre, n'est-ce pas?

Comment(s)/question from equipe_lfbp on Jan, 24 at 16:12

In fact, the last 3 items in the middle column should be la nôtre, la vôtre and la leur, respectively. These items have now been rectified and an updated PDF uploaded for Lesson 58.

Thanks for pointing that out!

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