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"Joyeux NoŽl !"

What to say at Christmas

The key expression is Joyeux NoŽl !. Hot on the heels of Christmas comes New Year, at which time you'll want to say Bonne Annťe ! to your friends and acquaintances.

As for Christmas, other things you might want to mention or discuss are the sapin de NoŽl (the Christmas tree), la veille de NoŽl (that's today!), le lendemain de NoŽl (boxing day or St Stephen's Day) and, of course, le PŤre NoŽl (father Christmas).

If you're sending someone a note, in an email or on a card, you might say "Je vous souhaite (tous) un joyeux NoŽl et une bonne annťe" ("I wish you (all)…").

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