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"Dix ans après sa mise en circulation, l'euro suscite toujours la méfiance"

susciter – 'to arouse' (hatred, envy, jealousy, distrust, suspicion, etc)

This morning's article from france.24.fr discusses the public's continuing mistrust of the euro, ten years on from its introduction.

The article's heading makes use of the verb susciter in the present tense: suscite.' Depending on the context, this verb means 'to give rise to', 'to arouse', 'to provoke', etc. Consider, for example:

  • Les propos récents de cet homme politique suscitent la polémique en Arabie saoudite. [= The recent comments of this politician are causing controversy in Saudi Arabia.]
  • Des propos du Président Sarkozy sur les fonctionnaires suscitent la colère des syndicats. [= Presient Sarkozy's comments on public servants are angering/provoking anger among the unions.]

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