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"François Hollande appuie sur l'accélérateur"

That's according to rfi.fr this morning

Their front page article shows a photograph of the presidential candidate at the wheel of his car, smiling and ready for action on the campaign trail.

The verb appuyer variously means 'to lean', 'to press', 'to push', etc. Considérez, par exemple, les phrases suivantes:

  • J'ai appuyé mon vélo contre le mur. [= I leant my bike against the wall.]
  • Elle s'appuyait contre le mur. [= She was leaning against the wall.]
  • Appuie-toi sur mon bras. [= Lean on my arm.]
  • Tu peux t'appuyer entièrement sur elle. [= You can count fully on her.]

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