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'La situation vient de changer dans la péninsule coréenne...'

New intermediate lesson

The situation on the Korean Peninsula changed in December 2011 with the death of Kim Jong Il. Our conversation in this lesson (accessible from the Intermediate category under Lesson Guides, above) focuses on the harsh communist regime of North Korea, long dominated by the 'personality cult' of its 'Dear Leader'.

Our lesson is a long one this time but includes lots of interesting vocabulary. We'll discover the expressions for 'to flout', 'to stick to someone like a leech', 'to use provocative language' and we'll take another look at the passé simple.

Comment(s)/question from jmaier01 on Feb, 13 at 00:39

I found this very interesting. I like the fact that the dialogue is very recent and I like that the two speakers are challenging each other. Well done.

I find as one learns a language, one wants to hear more conversation between modern day people.

Comment(s)/question from hughnagle on Feb, 13 at 09:21

@jmaier01 thank you! Although on a much different topic, I think you'll appreciate our next lesson, too. We'll be releasing that today or tomorrow.

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