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The adverb bien

A powerful word which can mean well, very, good, really, etc.

Bien is an adverb but can occasionally behave as an adjective, too.

Consider the following:

  • Julie est en Espagne depuis deux mois et elle parle déjà très bien l'espagnol.
    (= Julie has been in Spain for 2 months and she is already speaking Spanish very well.)
  • Les policiers étaient bien surpris de le découvrir assis au volant.
    (= The police were very surprised to find him sitting at the wheel (of the car).)
  • On est très bien ici!
    (= We're [doing] very well here! / We're [feeling] very well here.)
  • C'est bien d'aider ceux qui sont en difficulté.
    (= It's good to help those in difficulty.)
  • Je voudrais bien vivre à la campagne.
    (= I would really like to live in the country(side).)

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