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"Hollande: 'secourir Edith Bouvier'"

le verbe secourir

This article from Le Figaro focuses attention on the plight of French journalist, Edith Bouvier, seriously wounded in Homs, Syria. For more than a week, bombs have rained down on Homs. One dares not estimate the number of victims beneath the rubble. Survivors lack all necessities: water, electricity and food.

On Thursday, Ms Bouvier, a journalist with Le Figaro, appeared in a video clip filmed by anti-Assad mililtants and posted on YouTube, appealing for help.

The verb secourir means 'to help'. Note also the expressions demander du secours, appeler au secours, porter secours. Consider the following:

  • Sans le secours d'une carte, je n'aurais jamais retrouvé mon chemin. (Without the help of a map, I would never have found my way.)
  • Chaque voiture est équipée d'une roue de secours. (All cars are equipped with a spare wheel.)
  • Suite au séisme, plusieurs organisations humanitaires ont prêté secours aux victimes. (Following the earthquake, several humanitarian organisations came to the assistance of victims.)

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