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faire bouillir la marmite

'to bring home the bacon'

The verb bouillir means 'to boil' while une marmite is a pot. The expression faire bouillir la marmite is used figuratively in reference to someone who is the breadwinner or who 'brings home the bacon'. Consider some uses of the verb bouillir:

  • As-tu fait bouillir l'eau?
    = Did you boil the water?
  • Il faut attendre que l'eau bouille.
    = We/you must wait until the water boils.
  • Ajouter de l'eau bouillie.
    = Add boiling water. (Littéralement 'boiled water')
  • Marie bout de colère.
    = Marie is seething with anger.

Faites attention à la conjugaison: je bous, il bout, nous bouillons.
Participe passé: bouilli

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