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"J'ai deux soeurs…"

Faites attention à la prononciation!

One of my students said "J'ai deux soeurs" to me the other day.

It's a simple sentence which means simply "I have two sisters". The problem word, however, is soeur. Beginners often create a vowel sound like the one we find in the English words 'air', 'fair', 'pair'.

The correct pronuncation of the French word soeur, however, requires a sound like that found in the English words, 'fur', 'sir' and 'her'.

We should note that there are two French words, namely serre (f) and cerf (m) with the same vowel sound as in the English word 'air'. However, if you were to say:

  • J'ai deux serres, or
  • J'ai deux cerfs …

… in the first case, you would be informing us that you had two greenhouses while, in the latter case, you would be the owner of two stags!


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