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'La validation de la réforme de l'assurance-santé d'Obama' - un coup dur pour Mitt Romney

Support for Obama's health insurance reform – a real blow for Mitt Romney

Un coup dur in this context relates to a 'real blow'.

Un coup has many equivalents in English, depending on the context. In the context of President Obama's health reform, un coup dur equates to 'a blow' to Mitt Romney's aspiration to the presidency. Un coup is one element of many French expressions which refer to a 'strike', 'blow', 'assault', etc. Consider the following examples:

  • un coup dur
    = a (real) blow
  • un coup de poing
    = a punch
  • un coup droit
    = a forehand [in tennis, etc]
  • un coup d'État
    = an overthrow [of the State]
  • Je lui ai donné un coup sec.
    = I gave it a hard tap.
  • Ça m'a fait un coup
    = It gave me a shock
  • Je ne sais pas si je tiendrai le coup
    = I don't know if I will be able to cope [expression 'tenir le coup']
  • un coup de revolver
    = a gunshot
  • Elle lui a donné un coup de chiffon.
    = She gave it a wipe [expression 'donner un coup de chiffon à''].
  • J'ai eu un coup de fatigue.
    = I felt tired all of a sudden

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