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Murray: "J'y crois encore"

... "I am continuing to believe."

The wait continues for Britain's Andy Murray to win his first Grand Slam title after his defeat in the Wimbledon final.

Nonetheless, he remains upbeat, describing his latest encounter with Roger Federer as un grand pas dans la bonne direction ('a big step in the right direction').

But what about the comment…

  • "J'y crois encore …"

… ? What does the word y (pronounced 'eeh') mean in this context?

The pronoun Y replaces a complément d'objet indirect (COI) – an indirect object – preceded by the preposition à or en. In this context, Andy continues to believe in eventual success, that is, il croit à un succès éventuel.

Y, therefore, means 'in it' in this situation, that is, in the success that will eventually come his way with perseverance.

Remember also the very common expression:

  • Je n'y croyais pas. (le verbe croire, à l'imparfait)
    I couldn't believe it.

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