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'En ce début de journée, Yannick Agnel, grande star des JO, remet ça en séries du 100 m.'

'This morning, Yannick Agnel, the big star of the Olympic Games, is at it again in the 100 metres.'

Another interesting expression comes from the sports headlines this morning. We often meet the verbs mettre ('to put') and remettre ('to put back', 'to hand back', 'to deliver', etc).

The expression remettre ça, however, means 'to start again', 'to be at [it] again', 'to do something again (that one has already done)'. After all, the example above (again from this morning's Équipe) is in the context of the incredible exploits of French swimmer, Agnel, who has foiled some of the big names in swimming at the London Games.

So, we'll use the expression remettre ça when we want to convey an idea like 'There he goes again!' or 'Look, he's at it again!'. Consider the following examples:

  • Après avoir gagné sur les Champs Élysées, Cavendish espère bien remettre ça aux Jeux olympiques de Londres.
    Having won [the Tour de France] on the Champs Élysées, Cavendish really hopes to do it again in the London Olympics
  • Hier, il a déjà plu toute la journée, et aujourd'hui le ciel remet ça!
    Yesterday it rained all day and today it's the same again (littéralement, 'the sky is at it again').
  • Voila qu'il remet ça!
    There he goes again!/He's at it again!

The expression remettre ça is also used in the context of wanting to resume an activity (that one has previously been engaged in):

  • Il n'a pas sauté en parachute depuis 10 ans mais il veut remettre ça.
    He hasn't done a parachute jump for 10 years but he wants to do it again.

One final thing, note how Yannick Agnel – a man – is referred to as 'une grande star'. Une star is always feminine, even when we're talking about a boy or a man. (Une star refers to someone who is exemplary in music, sport, etc. Not to be confused with une étoile which one sees in the night sky.)

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