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"Virez-moi la boxe et pendant qu'on y est, le tae kwon do, la natation synchronisée, le cricket et j'en passe…"

"Throw out boxing and, while we're at it, taekwondo, synchronised swimming, cricket… and you name it…"

Events at the Olympics have provoked wide-ranging commentary, some positive and some negative.

A contributor to the forum of lequipe.fr was of the opinion that a number of sports should even be excluded altogether from the Games. That is the sense of the verb virer in the comment, above.

In colloquial language, virer means to throw out, to chuck out, etc. Consider the following:

  • 'Virez-moi ces ivrognes' dit le patron du pub à la police.
    Throw these drunks out', says the owner to the police.
  • Je n'embaucherai jamais ce serveur car, de partout où il a travaillé, il s'est fait virer.
    I will never employ that waiter because, everywhere he has worked, he has got himself thrown out (i.e. fired).
  • Nous avons besoin de faire de la place dans le grenier, virons ce vieux meuble et, pendant qu'on y est, ce landau usagé et ces jouets cassés.
    We need to make space in the attic. Let's throw out this piece of furniture and, while we're at it, this old pram and broken toys.

Let's note that virer can have other meanings, too, including to transfer (money from one account to another), to turn around, to change (from one state to another, from liquid to ice, etc).

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