How was your holiday? [Part II]

How was your holiday? [Part II]

In the second part of this two-part episode we'll meet the verb "profiter (de)", we'll use the verb "devoir" to say things like "it must have been [difficult, shocking, fantastic]" and we'll revise the verb "prendre" in the perfect tense, in relation to food.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 22

Answers to Exercises show
  1. je suppose qu'elle aime cela. [or, "… qu'elle apprécie cela. (vb "apprécier")]
  2. il a profité du beau temps pour visiter la côte.
  3. il n'y avait rien d'autre à lire.
  4. cela devait être surprenant.
  5. nous avons pris l'autobus à 8 heures du matin.
  6. ils ont pris les fruits de mer.