Intermediate Lessons

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The elections are approaching!

With the presidential elections in France just around the corner, it’s time to learn some vocabulary related to politics and voting, in general. That will be the topic of this lesson. We'll learn how to say "I'm exhausted!" and "They really get my back up!" We'll also meet several useful verbs. Allons-y!

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 47

What did you do for your winter vacation?

In lessons 21 and 22 we spoke about a vacation we’d had. This time, in lesson 46, we’ll hear about a winter vacation and, with the World Ski Championships taking place at the moment, it's an opportune time to learn a few key terms related to skiing. We'll also see how to use the verbs 'adorer', 'partir' and 's'inscrire (à)'.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 46

Hello, and welcome to La Maternelle des Marguerites!

In this lesson, lesson 45, a father brings his son to playschool for the first time. Let's hear the conversation between Mr. Jones and the playschool teacher. We'll meet the expressions ‘Je vais faire en sorte que’ and ‘jusqu'à ce que’, both of which require that the verb which follows be in the subjunctive form.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 45

I had a narrow escape this morning!...

The French tendency to drive fast will form the basis of our lesson this time - our conversation will deal with a near miss on the road. We'll learn how to say 'I had a narrow escape', we'll meet the expression 'Il m'a mis hors de moi!' and we'll see how to use the verbs 'doubler' and 'faillir'.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 44

Damn! I've broken it...

An incident in a shop where a customer drops and breaks something is the subject of this lesson. The reaction of the shop assistant will bring up the topic of the subjunctive and one particular situation in which this form of the verb is required.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 43

I didn't know Paul was religious, did you?

We'll be talking about someone who is quite religious in this lesson. We'll meet the adjectives 'croyant' and 'pratiquant' to describe such a person, we'll see how to use 'ne... jamais', we'll use the verb 'se souvenir de', and we'll practice other interesting expressions, too. Let's get started...

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 41

How am I going to explain it to him?

Relationship problems are the topic of this lesson! We'll learn how to ask someone what's wrong, we'll meet the reflexive verb "se séparer" and we'll ask ourselves the question, "How am i going to explain it to him?" We'll also distinguish between "ne... pas" and "ne... plus".

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 40

My meeting has been cancelled!

In this lesson we'll see what vocabulary is required to cancel or postpone a meeting. We'll discover the verbs "annuler", "reporter" and "modifier", as well as the expression "C'est vraiment pas de chance!" On y va!

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 38

Have you met Léa recently? She's put on weight!

In this lesson, lesson 35, we're going to talk about a topic we'd sometimes prefer not to think about - putting on weight. We'll meet the verbs "grossir" (to put on weight) and "voir" (to see) in the past, as well as the expression "être à deux doigts de faire quelque chose" (to be on the verge of doing something). Allons-y!

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 35

Excuse me... would you have the time?

Whether we like it or not, our modern lives are ruled by the clock. In this lesson, let's study one of the basics: how to tell the time. We'll also meet the expressions: "I'm going to be late!", "I'm going to be early!" and "I'm going to be on time!"

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 33