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Use iTunes to manage your audio files.

Listening to and managing podcasts

The audio files in our LFBP podcast are in mp3 format. Our mp3s can be played back on almost all modern playback devices, including

  • mp3 players
  • phones
  • your computer
  • other handheld devices

Manage our audio files in iTunes

To manage our mp3 files, we strongly recommend Apple's iTunes Player which runs on both PC and Mac and is powerful and free.

There are other ways of subscribing to podcasts and managing audio files, but iTunes makes it very simple.) iTunes will automatically keep track of, and download, new audio files (lessons) when we release them.

RSS Feed icon

Click the icon above to subscribe to our podcast right now in iTunes.

Subscribe to LFBP (in iTunes or Spotify)

To 'load' our audio files into iTunes, you must subscribe to our podcast. (Doing so tells iTunes to automatically detect our lessons when we release them. To subscribe to our LFBP podcast in iTunes, simply click the RSS? graphic on the right.

What happens when I click the RSS feed graphic?

  1. a dialog box will pop up asking you if it's ok for iTunes to launch
  2. say ok
  3. iTunes will launch
  4. iTunes will subscribe you to our podcast
  5. our most recent lesson will download to iTunes automatically. (You'll see a list of earlier lessons, too, which you can download when you're ready.)

Note that subscribing to our audio in iTunes is free. You can unsubscribe at any time, if you wish.

credit token

Purchase Download Credits for as little as $0.50 each and download our detailed PDF Lesson Guides.

Download PDF Guides from our site

iTunes allows you to manage our audio files. To work with our PDF Lesson Guides, come back to our site and download the Guides you would like to work with. You'll need Download Credits in your LFBP account to download Guides.

Sign up if you're not already registered on LFBP. Then go ahead and purchase Download Credits.